Review Committee

The Review Committee is comprised of 5 (five) professional members, among whom 2 (two) are legal experts and 3 (three) are selected from professionals in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation, and management, with one of them being a member of the Public Oversight Board, all of whom meet the requirements specified in POB Regulation No. 2, dated 22.02.2018, "On the functioning of the Commission for the Professional Competence Examinations and the supervision of the examination process of SA and CA candidates". as amended.

Some of the competences of this commission are the verification of the drafter and proofreader, which are proposed by CPCE, the selection of reviewers of the quality of thesis drafting, the selection of the third group of proofreaders (reviewers who will do quality proofreading) who engage in reviewing cases of notebooks corrected for all differences more than 5% of the total points, resulting from the correction process of two parallel sets of correctors; carrying out the administrative review.